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Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher made in Liming Heavy Industry adopts quality steels and wear-resistant parts, which makes it superior and reliable. This machine is possess of rotor with large inertia, and its capacity is improved largely. Impact crusher is usually used as secondary crusher in the production line.
Applications:Ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical industry, construction, etc

Working Principles

Impact crusher crushes material by striking energy.when it works,the motor drives the rotor rotate at a high speed,on which the blow bar is installed .as soon as the material get into the affecting area of the blow bar,they will be stroke by the blow bar and be thrown to the impact devices around the rotor.the high speed forces the material to rebound from the impact liner to the area where the blow bar effects until they have been crushed to the required size.the clearance between the impact rack and the rotor can be adjusted to change the size and shape of the end product.

Learn More About Liming Impact Crusher

Hammer is made of high chrome; liner board is made of wearable materials
Specially designed tooth impact plate; More suitable for crushing hard rock, high efficiency, low consumption
Final products is cubic, discharge opening is adjustable
Make the crushing flow chart simple

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